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Hella Heli’s | Tarek Heli

Hella Heli’s

1 Nov

This post contains some Amazing photos and video…Enjoy!!

My first pic in a Heli. Featured as a Spacecraft All-Star Sticker. Cossel photo.

Hovering in Nick Ennen's Island Cabin's front yard, Eliza Island

Taking off from Eliza Island

Whidbey SAR saving Tarek from the Mt Baker National Forest.

N8355A ready to take off towards the mountains

Bob Sather checking the oil levels

Checking out the Twin Sisters.


Tail Rotor View of Mt Baker. N764ZS

Tail Rotor View, Downtown Bellingham. N8355A

Customs and Border Protection Blackhawk

US Army Chinook

Chinook cockpit

Tarek Fueling up Keith Jefferts MD500

Boost Mobile Eurocopter EC120, Orange County (LAX flight)

Columbia Heavy Lifter dwarfing 8355A

Columbia Chinook and 8355A, BVS Skagit Airport

Tarek in an Air Crane

Air Crane Cockpit

Air Crane

Tail Rotor Diameter of a R22 Main Rotor Diameter.

PJ Hunt, Mt. Wilson Rescue Pilot flying N350SB

Alex and Ryan get ready to begin their flight review.

Great video of an R44 simulated engine failure on Takeoff!

Robinson Factory - Torrence Ca.

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