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Outdoor Research Ski Film Shoot | Tarek Heli

Outdoor Research Ski Film Shoot

30 Dec

Neil Provo Filming with Zack Giffin and Molly Baker near the summit. Ian Provo Photo.


The Words of Ian Provo…

   This is Neil pulling off the most insane film job of his career. As our good friend Tarek piloted his 900 pound, R22 Helicopter high around Mt. Shuksan, Neil shot his 5D hand held with only a camera strap around his neck. They made sure to buckle their seat belts! Oh, and thats Zack and Molly skiing the summit pyramid.

   Neil and Tarek were able to capture some incredible images, while the rest of us shredded the run of our lives. Friendship, teamwork, passion, and inspiration allowed us all the chance to try something we had never done before.

   As the light faded, Neil’s broken voice over the radio guided us through the final crux of the line, 4,000 feet below. “Go right towards the sun, then traverse left down the ramp, and you’ll see the exit spines. Don’t go too far right, DO NOT GO LEFT!!!!!!!”

   Having friends in high places took on a new meaning this glorious December afternoon. We thought about our friend Mikey P. We imagined that it was his spirit guiding us safely along the journey. We thanked him for providing us with the sickest trip to Mt. Baker we will ever have, and for bringing us all together.

   And big thanks to to the crew for showing us the way…

…Ian Provo…



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