Bellingham to Valdez, AK

3 Mar

Early March, PJ Hunt contacted me by text saying: “Flying the A-Star up to Alaska, you coming?” Needless to say I got a little excited, and said “YES!” We ended up ferrying a nice AS350 B2, with another B2 following us up, for H2O Guides in Valdez. Here are some Photos and Vids from along […]

Outdoor Research Ski Film Shoot

30 Dec

  The Words of Ian Provo…    This is Neil pulling off the most insane film job of his career. As our good friend Tarek piloted his 900 pound, R22 Helicopter high around Mt. Shuksan, Neil shot his 5D hand held with only a camera strap around his neck. They made sure to buckle their […]

Northwest Aerial Adventures

19 Nov

Here are some videos of Tarek Husevold taking some aerial adventures in the Northwest. Tarek is the proud operator of multiple light helicopters. What Adventure would You like to go on?

Bellingham Wa. to Montrose Co.

16 Nov

6/16/2011- Thursday night, working the fuel line, Bellingham International Airport. 8 pm it is time to close up shop, and for some reason I leave the FBO door propped open to let some air in.  I start hearing something, and go outside to see if its a helicopter.  Sure enough I can hear the blades […]

San Juan Island Film Flight

4 Nov

Ennen MB and 7MH

July 2011, Eliza to Sucia Island. Slingshot Wakeboarding Helicopter Film Shoot. Mikey Ennen wakeboard film shoot in 187MH

A little bit about Tarek…

3 Nov

    Tarek Husevold,   Commercial Rotorcraft Pilot. Tarek started flying Helicopters in October of 2008. He is an Instrument Rated CFI, and currently finalizing Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII). After being rescued by a Navy Helicopter in the Mt. Baker wilderness, he was inspired to become a pilot, with the ultimate goal of saving […]

Toledo Wa. Filming Mission

3 Nov

July 2010 Tarek headed down to Toledo Washington to fly a filming flight for P-51 Productions, in conjunction with Matty Photography, and Auddity Sounds. Andy Lehmann, originally from Toledo, lead the operation. We rented R22 Alpha N8416J from Glacier Aviation, Olympia Wa. During the day we flew around Toledo filming their Annual Cheese Days Parade, […]

Hella Heli’s

1 Nov

This post contains some Amazing photos and video…Enjoy!! Great video of an R44 simulated engine failure on Takeoff!

Mt. St. Helens Tour

27 Oct

This page has video and photos from two flights to Mt. St.Helens. First Tarek, and Father, Svein Husevold slightly dip into Mt. St Helens Crater. On this flight we flew from Bay-view Skagit, to Mt St. Helens, then to Ocean Shores for the night. The next day was a nice route through the Olympic Mountains, […]

Nooksack River Video Tour

26 Oct

This is a great place to stop and have lunch. After eating we went and checked out the river up close and personal. South Fork Nooksack River, Skagit County Washington.             Another Great River Flight with Erik Axellson: